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A staunchly pious nun of Ezera.

Uma freira piedosa de Ezera.
Diene, Santo de Ezera, recebeu a revelação divina da Deusa e levou destemidamente o mundo à vitória contra o Arcádio, mesmo sem o Herdeiro da Aliança. Mais tarde, ela se tornou a rainha de Ezera.

Diene epic seven imagem


Elemento: Water
Classe: Tecelão da Alma
Signo: Gêmeos

Specialty: Saint of Ezera
She overcomes hardship through her deeply pious faith.

Dispatch Mission: Support Type
Specialty Effect: Reward Bonus +6%

Memory ImprintEffect
B+3.6% Attack
SSS+10.8% Attack
Star Grade Stat5★6★
Critical Hit Chance15.0%15.0%
Critical Hit Damage150.0%150.0%
Dual Attack Chance5.0%5.0%
Effect Resistance9.0%9.0%
Potential StoneStat Increase
Effect Resistance +3%, Attack +20, Health +60
★★Health +3%, Attack +20, Health +60
★★★Skill Enhance (see below), Attack +20, Health +60
★★★★Speed +4, Attack +30, Health +80
★★★★★Effect Resistance +6%, Attack +30, Health +80
★★★★★★Health +6%, Attack +30, Health +80


Light of Judgement

Acquire 1 Soul

Emite um raio de luz brilhante, aumentando em 10% a prontidão de combate do lançador. O efeito dobra quando o lançador é buffado.

Skill Enhance
1+5% damage dealt
2+2% Combat Readiness
3+5% damage dealt
4+5% damage dealt
5+3% Combat Readiness
6+10% damage dealt
7+10% damage dealt

Blessings of the Goddess

Acquire 2 Soul, 4T CD

Com as Bênçãos da Deusa, cobre todos os aliados com uma barreira por 2 turnos antes de dissipar um debuff. A força da barreira aumenta proporcionalmente ao máximo de pontos de vida do alvo.

Skill Enhance
1+5% barrier strength
2+5% barrier strength
3-1 turn cooldown
4+10% barrier strength
5+15% barrier strength
6+15% barrier strength

Saint’s Prayer

Acquire 2 Soul, 5T CD

Um milagre da manifestação da Deusa, aumentando o Ataque de todos os aliados por 3 turnos, antes de aumentar em 50% a Prontidão de Combate do lançador.

Soul Burn Effect (Consume 20 Soul)
Skill cooldown is decreased by 2 turns.

Soul Burn Effect (Consuma 20 Alma)
O tempo de espera da habilidade é diminuído em 2 turnos.

Skill Enhance
1Acquire +1 soul
2-1 turn cooldown


This is our first “First Impressions” thread for the subreddit. In addition to these, I’m going to be working with the moderators to have at least one Weekly Hero and Artifact thread each week which will be determined by community votes. As interest grows, we may increase the frequency of these posts. I’d just like to ask of you that if there is anything you feel would be beneficial for these threads, please let me know and I’ll do my best to implement them.

You may have also noticed that this thread is missing the Memory Imprint Field Effect, that’s mainly due to this information not being in the in-game Hero Journal and I don’t own this hero. For threads missing this information, it’d be greatly appreciated if someone were to chime in and leave a comment detailing what it is in the comments so I can go back and add it, thanks!

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